Things I May or May Not Like, But Do Regardless Because the Money is Just Too Good

Right now my primary source of gainful employment is the field of Computer and Information Security. I have, in the past, done many other types of work. Within computers I have done web development, support, network administration, repair, programming, and systems analysis. When computer work wasn't available I have driven deliveries for restaurants, made pizzas, worked as a radio DJ, made coffee as a barista at a coffee bar, tended shop at a liquor store, worked in a dry cleaners, sold vaccuum cleaners, assembled thermocouples, worked in a donut shop, scanned items as a cashier at a grocery store, done professional audio work, installed home theaters, written articles for a magazine, and probably several other things that aren't occurring to me at the moment. I like to think that having worked a wide variety of jobs has given me a unique perspective, and it allows me to see things from multiple points of view. This has come in handy in a number of jobs over the years.